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The theory of “Magnetocardiography” has been known since 1960

Biomagnetik Park AG (bmp) has become the first company to exploit the full potential of the technology for magnetocardiography. To reach the goal, intensive research has been carried out in the past years to combine the results into an innovative product.

100 times more sensitive 
than current sensors in medical technology used in cardiology

10 Minutes
for the complete checkup of the heart

Biomagnetik Park


A Magnetocardiography is an easy way for anyone to get information about the health of your heart without any x-rays, contrast media used in a stress echo test for a comprehensive preventive examination of the heart.

Biomagnetik Park

Accurate and Safe

its diagnostic detector is 100 times more sensitive than current sensors used in medical technology for the human heart and the MCG does not require any x-rays or contrast agents to a patient.

Biomagnetik Park


The MCG has been proven over 6,000 patients providing similar accuracy as a PET CT scan. There are over 20 published papers on the clinical effectiveness of this technology.


Magnetocardiographie is the easy Way
for a preventive check of the heart health

• Anyone undergoing an executive physical
• Professional athlete, for regulary checkup of the hearth health and training status
• Junger or older athlete for preventive check of the heart

• Anyone with risk of cardiac disease
• Anyone with known cardiac disease
• Anyone with organic cardiac defect
• Anyone after cardiac Intervention or surgery

Our company, at the heart of Hamburg Germany - Biomagnetik Park
Our company, at the heart of Hamburg Germany

Our Biomagnetik Park AG

The Biomagnetik Park AG was invented in 2005 by Prof. Dr. Jai-Wun Park, a german cardiac specialist and MD. He was believing, it is possible to develop a clinical cardiac diagnostic system, based on the technology of  “Magnetocardiography” (MCG).

The company was registered August 24th, 2011 in Hamburg, Germany (HRB 119513).

Our <b>Biomagnetik Park</b> AG - Biomagnetik Park

The Magnetocardiography as technology is known since 1960. Prof. Dr. Jai-Wun Park, cardiac specialist and MD, as founder of the Biomagnetik Park company wanted the technology for the easy and accurate diagnostic of the heart to simply help patients.

Biomagnetik Park AG was developing continuously the innovative MCG technology to finally reaching the goal, having an alternative and accurate diagnostic system what is able to detect in an early stage cardiac diseases without any chemistry, radiation or strong magnetic fields.

The developed technology is shown and proven there ability in the past 5 years at clinical evaluation sites, with more then 6.000 patients examined in HongKong and several sites in Germany.

The system is certified at the European Union CE since September 2011, Korean FDA November 2013 and the U.S.-FDA in March 2013.

In 2017, was the latest innovation system CS-MAG III at the University Charité, Campus Benjamin Franklin, Berlin installed to proof the clinical results and evaluate new clinical fields in the diagnostic of the heart with the MCG.

The results reviewed and documented by the clinical trail at the University Charité shows, that the MCG is a reliable and accurate diagnostic method for the future of cardiac diagnose and has the potential to be the Gold standard in diagnose of the heart.

the new generation

The next generation of MCG, the new CS-MAG X, available in 2020, combines the breath taking diagnostic ability of the MCG technology with patient comfort and user friendliness. The modern design of the system with software supported examinations, software supported cloud based diagnostic software will support a fast and accurate diagnose of the heart.

In less the 10 minutes can the patient examed and diagnosed with the MCG system.

With CS-MAG X, we will also launch a new user interface and optimised diagnostic software for several cardiac diseases with the ability to show the results of the Ischemia in a 2D & 3D version to divide between muscle driven or vessel driven root cause.

100-times more sensitive

as other sensors used in medical technology

for clinics

fast and accurate

for patients

save and accurate diagnose

10 Minutes

for a complete checkup