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The diagnostic procedure with the Magnetocardiography (MCG) of the human heart is analog to a stress echo but with the detector positioned close to the patients heart (without skin contact) to measure the heart cell during the rest and stress.

The patient is positioned on the system chair and performe movements similar to riding a bike. The procedure has three stages, first stage is the measurement in rest, during the second stage a stress measurement while riding the bike (5 level system based on the patient strength), the last stage is a final rest measurement. There are no additional pharmacy products, disposing with X-Ray or strong magnetic fields necessary.

The complete examination takes less the 10 minutes

The Magnetocardiography (MCG) detects already in a very early stage changes on your heart muscle and possible diseases.

What population should look for a diagnostic procedure with the MCG ?


  • Anyone planing or been exposed with great physical challenges
  • Professional athlete, for regulary checkup of the hearth health and training status
  • Junger or older athlete for präventive check of the hearth
  • Anyone with risk of cardiac disease
  • Anyone with known cardiac disease
  • Anyone with organic cardiac defekt
  • Anyone after cardiac Intervention or surgery

Knowing the health of your heart is priceless!

The preventiv diagnose of your heart health with Magnetocardiography is a inexpensive investment to your health. To know your Staus of your cardiac disease will give you a lot more quality of live. The diagnostic procedure with Magnetocardiography has no secondary effects to your health and can be regular performed.

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The diagnostic procedure will be performed by experienced cardiologists.

Until today, about 6.000 patients been examen with the MCG globally. With several international studies was the medical evidence (proof of the results of MCG) in comparison with today used diagnostic procedures proven.

The MCG detects the oxygen level at the human heart muscle (Ischämia) reliable. In comparison to classic stress echo, the MCG can detect already micro changes on cell level by reduced oxygen supply with effect on the heart muscle. Also a inflammation of the heart muscle (Myocarditis) will be in the future detected.

One more imported measurement is the training status of the hearth muscle and the contraction ability of the left ventricle to use the MCG also for the checkup at sports medicine.


The reimbursement is also comparable with the cost of an cardiac CT or MR examination, but without the side effects with X-ray, contrast agents or high magnet fields.

Until today, the MCG examination has no billing code and has to be payed by the patient. Some privat insurance companies support an MCG diagnostic examination. The total cost and time in comparison of an MCG examination compared to the classic pathway of cardiac diagnosis is much faster with lower cost for the insurance and the patients.

Please contact your insurance company for reimbursement of the Magnetocardiography diagnostic procedure.

For additional information, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Frequently asked questions

During examination will be continuously with 500 pulses per second the magnetic field of the heart cell and their reaction on rest and stress measured.  Stress to the heart is provided only by turning a special made non magnetic stress weel comparable to like riding a bike.

The outcome is a measurement of the oxygen support of the heart cell in rest and stress.

There are several medical studies on the functionality and accuracy of the Magnetocardiography available including comparable studies with conventional diagnostic examinations and outcome.


Magnetocardiography with Helium cooled superconductors (SQUID-Technology) is 100-times more sensible then any today used sensors in the cardiac diagnostic field on established technology in medical to detect even malest changes in the oxygen support of the human heart muscle on cell level.

10 minutes to get a reliable and accurate diagnose of your heart