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The diagnosis of the heart with Magnetocardiography (MCG) is based on a technology known since 1960. The MCG measures the magnetic field of the heart cells during the diagnostic examination of the heart (with and without stress) with helium cooled superconductors (SQUID Detectors). The results allow a very accurate measurement and diagnose of the human heart.

The bmp developed diagnostic software to read the signals and transfer them into the classic measures used in Cardiology to compare and interpret the signals was proven in supported by several cardiac center global. Today we can proof, that the MCG can replace several today used diagnostic procedures with one single examination in less than 10 minutes.

The accuracy and diagnostic information of an MCG diagnose is comparable with the examination of an PET-CT, but without the needed contrast agents, radioactive agents and x-rays of an PET-CT.

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The Magnetocardiography (MCG) is an efficient way for an comprehensive diagnostic of the human heart.

Until today, about 6.000 patients been examen with the MCG globally. With several international studies was the medical evidence (proof of the results of MCG) in comparison with today used diagnostic procedures proven.

The MCG detects the oxygen level at the human heart muscle (Ischämia) reliable. In comparison to classic stress echo, the MCG can detect already micro changes on cell level by reduced oxygen supply with effect on the heart muscle. Also a inflammation of the heart muscle (Myocarditis) will be in the future detected.

One more imported measurement is the training status of the hearth muscle and the contraction ability of the left ventricle to use the MCG also for the checkup at sports medicine.

Our team is ongoing developing more parameter to get reliable scores on heart health for the humans.

The purchasing cost and running cost of an MCG system is comparable to the cost of a high end cardiac CT.

The reimbursement is also comparable with the cost of an cardiac CT or MR examination, but without the side effects with X-ray, contrast agents or high magnet fields.

Until today, the MCG examination has no billing code and has to be payed by the patient. Some privat insurance companies support an MCG diagnostic examination. The total cost and time in comparison of an MCG examination compared to the classic pathway of cardiac diagnosis is much faster with lower cost for the insurance and the patients.

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Frequently asked questions

The classic stress echo is less sensitive as the Magnetocardiography (MCG) and can only detect already advanced cardiac diseases, further examinations with nuclear medicine, cardiac CT or MRT are needed.

The Magnetocardiography (MCG) shows already on a very early stage changes on the cell oxygen level during examination proven by several medical studies of cardiac specialists. With the clear detection of the root and display in a 2D view is no further diagnostic procedure needed to verify the disease.


There are several medical studies on the functionality and accuracy of the Magnetocardiography available, please contact us for information.


The advantage of Magnetocardiography

Magnetocardiography with Helium cooled superconductors (SQUID-Technology) is 100-times more sensible then any today used sensors in the cardiac diagnostic field on established technology in medical to detect even malest changes in the oxygen support of the human heart muscle on cell level.
The advantage of Magnetocardiography - Biomagnetik Park

10 minutes to get a reliable and accurate diagnose of your heart